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Out of the cold, robotic world of a supermarket, two workers find a moment of relief from their monotony.
The Secret Film Society's third production, written and directed by Katharine Thornton and featuring Deborah Martins and Pranam Janney.

Other crew: Michael McLennan (producer, with Katharine Thornton); Gustavo Faraco (DOP); Brian Lye (camera operator); David Young (production design); Juhyun Pak (sound recording); Aaron Thornton (1AD); Katharine and Aaron Thornton (sound design).
Editing -- many are credited, most importantly Brian Lien and Katharine Thornton, but also Aaron Thornton and Michael McLennan.
Filmed in May 2009 on 16mm film (standard definition telecine), early in the 10 shoots. Post production took place alongside the other 10 films in 2010. First screened at 'The Secret Film Society Presents' in March 2011.