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UPcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

UPcycling is a short film about transforming an old longboard into a brand new board. By showing the beauty of this process, it also suggests new views on how enriching using renewed equipment could be. Besides, it is a film on how people and places get connected through the joy of an UPcycled resulting board. And, of course, it is about transformed habits and routines, new a view on old things, all through the activity of craftsmen involved in the amazing process shaping a surfboard is.


Produced by: Estudio Indigo, Amago Images e Ogro Surfboards
Directed by: Henrique “Ogro” Perrone
Cinematography by: Gustavo Faraco & Cristiano Hintz Mallmann
Edit by: Cristiano Hintz Mallmann & Norberto Idiart
Grading: Norberto Idiart
Sound Mixing by: Cristiano Hintz Mallmann
Music by: Pata de Elefante, Cesar Funck, Charlie Byrd, Costa Rae, Blue Grass, Bon Iver
Duration: 13 minutos
Year: 2012