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In 2009, a group of young independent filmmakers formed a production collective in Sydney to make the films they wanted to make. They reflect on the ten films that resulted.

A documentary about the 10 film project produced by The Secret Film Society between over 2009-2011.

Produced by Michael McLennan

Edited by Karen Crespo

With the voices of Michael McLennan, Brian Lye, Katharine Thornton, Karen Crespo, Brian Lien and Juhyun Pak.

Featuring footage from the films of the Secret Film Society: Why We Trade (Michael McLennan), Carry Me Home (Brian Lye), Pacifica (David Young), Personnel (Katharine Thornton), Liminal (Karen Crespo), TGIF (Brian Lien), Magpie (Michael McLennan), The Fall (Juhyun Pak), Augustine Confessions (Giovanni C Lorusso) and Still (Gustavo Faraco).

Music by Patrick Nellestein (4 Rolls, Small Things), Giovanni Laniado (Augustine Confessions), Me-lee Hay (Liminal), Hylton Mowday (The Fall), Helena Czakja (TGIF), Christina Christensen (Why We Trade, Magpie) and Camille Saint-Saens ('The Swan'). Used with permission.

The 10 films will be made available on the net throughout 2012.