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Magpie is an individual who delights in making mischief. From far above, we observe his provocations and their consequences.

Produced as part of the Secret Film Society project. Filmed in North Sydney on Kodak vision 3 250D Super16. Two takes of the main shot were filmed, the film uses take two. There are no cuts prior to the credits.

Writed/Produced/Directed/DOP by: Michael McLennan
Camera by: Gustavo Faraco
Sound by: Andreas Haglund
Music by: Christina Christensen
Cast: Michael Lipovac, Juhyun Pak, David Young, Kate Little, Lydon Tam, Nicola Mcintyre, Marie Louise McLennan
2011 Lucerne International Film Festival (Showcase Selection)
2011 Sandfly Film Festival
2012 Shorts Film Festival, Adelaide (April 29)