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4 Rolls

4 Rolls is a series of Portraits in Black & White shot in 16mm with a really special camera, the Bolex.

Portraits of ordinary people were captured to show all the multicultural and diversity that exist in Sydney, Australia. The film makes the audience reflects about the fact that we are all different people that came from different backgrounds, but aren’t we all the same at the end? Even with all differences!Newtown,Redfern,Waterloo and The city of Sydney were the main shooting locations. Image and music are the perfect combination for this film, letting the audience observe the portraits and feel for those who are in front of the camera. Was a great journey in just a few days driving, walking and looking for common people on the streets.Getting to know all these different people was something very special!

Produced by Sydney Film School

Film by Gustavo Faraco
Music by Patrick Nellestein
Assisted by Brian Lye