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To Show, To Provoke




We live in a world of multiple imagery. Most of the representations are there to sell us something, rather than encourage transformation on a different perspective. As a photography collective, we hope that we can instigate people to actually look closer and reflect.



Âmago in Portuguese means core, essence.

Âmago Images is a fusion of ideas and aspirations from two distinctive Photographers that share great curiosity about the world.
Âmago Images is a Photo & Film Collective, specialised in documentary, photojournalism and filmmaking. The Collective provides services in press, publishing, advertising and television . You may also acquire images from our archive for licensing or as a fine art photographic print. The collective represents the body of work from its members, genuinely reflecting their independent natures as ordinary people, photographers and filmmakers.
These two Photographers formed Amago attempting to create their own language in a perceptible way. They share a strong desire to convey ideas into visual narratives . There is always a feeling of respect and compromise towards those that are being photographed.